Frequently Asked Questions

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There is no financial cost to being part of Xstart, and as a Founder Incubator we do not take equity. There is a time and commitment cost in that we expect you to…

Xstart is jointly funded by Callaghan Innovation, University of Canterbury and ChristchurchNZ. We are also sponsored by xxxx, xxxx and xxxx.

Later-stage startups and high-growth opportunity companies are welcome to apply. While there is some flexibility in team size and stage, you need the following three things:

  • Tech related or innovative in nature
  • Product in market, or MVP stage
  • Coachable, capable and committed

There is a lot of support if you’re just looking to test an idea. While this is not the space we work in, we can help you find the right place to get started.

While we can work with individuals initially, if you’re ready to grow you’ll need a team. We can help connect you to xxx and xxx to grow your team and build capability.

While we can work with companies outside of Christchurch, you would need to be able meet in person and attend local events from time to time. We also have strong national networks and may be able to recommend other services and support in your area.

Xstart is open-ended but companies average 12 months with us.

We understand that people and their needs change. It’s our intention at Xstart to help you realise results and while we’ll work hard to achieve them, there are various reasons we may need to pull the pin. In this case we have an ‘exit’ and will work with you to identify what comes next and you’ll maintain Xstart alumni status and part of our wider ecosystem network…

That’s okay. There are many great support services in the New Zealand startup and business community. We’ll